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Yoga and scientific methodology

Yoga - what is it actually?


To begin, we quote from the book "Yoga and Western Psychology" by G. Goster.
She explains quite successfully and briefly: what yoga is.
fhbf If you are very smart, you might save time limited to reading the "Introduction" section, the answer to the question "What is the essence of yoga?"

«The axiom of yoga is the law of cause and effect.
Everything is the effect of past causes and itself the cause of future effects.
A person is completely immersed in this process and forced to to constantly face the consequences of their past actions.
This is "Karma"»,
Liberation from which Yoga sees in a creative attitude to the current situation and aware of the current process.
Few realize how automatic and predetermined their thinking is.
In fact, it is a tangle of our illusions, fantasies, misperceptions, and wrong conclusions. Some people live their lives in this state, but someone thinks and the questions "why?", "why?" and "how?", but solves them mainly through emotions.
And only a few dare face the truth.
This allows you to observe and draw conclusions, but it does not solve the problem. This condition can only be overcome by developing one-point attention. and conscious distinction between thoughts and sensations.
Having such a true attitude towards life removes fear and feelings of failure.
But people, while willing to admit that they behave stereotypically, admit it that they think stereotypically, they are totally incompetent.
Eliminating thought patterns will not make you a genius but allows you to see your own perceptual flaws and develop a more adequate view of reality”
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Yoga and the Science

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