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Astronauts on the Moon?

The emergence of the "Lunar conspiracy" theory

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Since 2002, Internet surveys of the population have been regularly conducted in the United States: do you believe that in fact in 1969 Armstrong was on the moon, or it was just a well-done dramatization.
Between 36% and 45% of Americans believe the Apollo mission was a fabrication and that NASA didn't send astronauts to the moon.
People do not trust official information too much and demand proof.
One of the active supporters of this version was Bill Causig, employee of Rocketdyne Research Departments. From 1956 to 1963 he supervised the supply of parts for the Saturn rocket engine.
On February 15, 2001, the American television company "Fox TV Network" in its program titled
"The Conspiracy Theory: Have We Been to the Moon?"
informed a wide audience that according to some version, American astronauts have not been to the moon.
Bill Causing claimed that based on research done inside NASA (Evidence of the existence of this document was not presented), the probability of success for a manned spacecraft to the moon is 0.017%.
Rationale: at that time, the Americans simply did not have necessary technical capabilities to carry out such a flight.
In addition, for the astronauts in the ship, such a flight through the cosmic radiation belt on the way to the moon would still be fatal. However, under great political pressure, especially considering This is a nice picture increased competition with the USSR, NASA was forced to agree to the implementation of the project flight to the moon until the end of the sixties, but under the weight of technical problems it was decided to carry out this mission in the studio, in a special closed area of ​​the US Air Force, number 51, designed for UFO research (UFO).
In addition to Bill Causing, Ralph Rene took part in the development of this theory.
As an independent engineer, he analyzed photographs of the landing and stumbled upon apparent inconsistencies that, in his opinion, exposed NASA's deception.
In the videos, the American flag is swaying as if there is a wind there. However, it is known that there is no wind on the Moon.
In addition, the photo does not show no stars in the black sky, and they should be visible.
In the program of the American television studio "Fox TV Network" 15.02.2001 titled "Conspiracy Theory: Have We Been to the Moon?" was told about 10 such evidence and for many viewers it was convincing enough.
Answer:Yes, of course there were, BUT:
This answer is much more complicated than it might seem.
For many skeptical people, the question sounds like this. What is the proof that the moon landing really happened?
Or in other words: does the analysis of photographs prove made by Ralph Rene that the Americans weren't there at all?
Let's consider everything in order.


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